I know this a weird title for a blog post on a photography blog but stay with me:

I LOVE movement in photographs.  I think it helps add life into images. It can add a sense of whimsy and fun as well! I often get my clients to walk for me, run, jump, and skip. You get the drift. Of course, I usually stick to age appropriate behavior. I don’t tend to get my engaged couples to jump on the bed…. I usually reserve that for the kiddos (side note: I am  not saying that you are too old to bounce once you hit a certain age…I am still quite fond of jumping on the trampoline). I have heard rumors that Bill Gates has a padded trampoline room. Who knows if it is true but it certainly sounds like fun! It especially sounds like fun to a mom of toddlers. Those rainy days can be hard to fill (thank you Cartwheels and Coffee).

Anyway, back on topic:

People sometimes look at me like I am crazy when I ask them to do such things but I love it as much as I love a good hard laugh in photographs (That is another time that I get some crazy looks). When I say “Could you just look at each other and laugh? I know that you are going to feel silly but then you will laugh for real and it will be beautiful.” I am sure that my clients think that I am crazy but it’s all to get you guys comfortable with the camera, to get you comfortable with me and to interact with each other during family or an engagement shoot. Ryan (my brother who second shoots with me) always cringes when I say “Just pretend like you like each other.” Of course, I am joking and it helps lighten the mood. We have to make you all comfortable somehow! Anyway, I hope this preps you for when I am getting you to truck down the street for the 6th time to get the shot!!

You all have a fabulous day!

Here are a few examples: